Hualien Local Specialty- Bodhi Cream Cake
  • Bodhi cream cake, driftwood cake and dragon fruit cake are 3 of the local specialties in Hualien County. The 3 pastries are developed an experienced baker. He has been holding great passion for baking the past 30 years and he would like to develop something representing Hualien. The products had even won prize back in 1998 and become one of the must-buy products for Chinese tourists.
  • Bodhi cream cake

    Bodhi cream cake has contained pipal leaves, sweet potato, chestnut smash, mochi and pines. The outer layer of the cake is crumbly which goes perfectly with smooth sweet filling. It is both healthy and delectable.
  • Dragon fruit cake

    The dragon fruit is cultivated in Hualien and the owner uses the flesh of dragon fruit stirring with malt sugar and dough. The refreshing taste is suitable for afternoon tea during scorching hot summertime.
  • Driftwood cake

    Every time after typhoon comes, you can see driftwood in Hualien. The baker uses this feature and creates driftwood cake. It has crumbly and refreshing taste that tastes so much alike traditional pastry.
  • Cream cookies

    Cream cookies are the latest new item in the store and it is said that you have to wait at least 1 month till you get the cookies. It tastes both salty and sweet in the same time; you will surely have a hard time stop eating.
  • The store

    The bright and open store is located in Hualien City, and another store is situated near Hualien Train Station.
  • Walnut pie

    Walnut pie is another popular item in the store. It has contained plenty of walnuts and raisins.
  • Store information

    Chinese version
    Japanese version
    Simplified Chinese version

    ◎Bodhi cream cake NTD300(12 packs) NTD200(8 packs, contained original flavor, taroand green tea) NTD200(8 packs, salty flavor)
    ◎Driftwood cake   NTD315(7 packs)
    ◎Dragon fruit cake  NTD200 (8 packs)
    ◎Manbo cake    NTD180 (10 packs)
    ◎Wuxin cake  NTD100 (6 packs)
    ◎Emperor cake  NTD420 (12 packs)
    ◎Walnut pie  NTD400 per pie
    ◎Pineapple cake  NTD180 (6 packs)
    ◎Cream cookies  NTD70 (1 packs)

    【Home delivery service】
     The store has provided home delivery service all over Taiwan. Please call the store for further information.
    ◎100NTD shipping fee is required with the amount under 3500NTD(after discount)(Taiwan mainland only)
    ◎No shipping fee is required with the amount over 3500NTD(after discount)(Taiwan mainland only)
    ◎A VIP golden card will be given upon consuming over 2500NTD, VIP customers can enjoy 10% off and free shipping
     fee over 3500NTD

    【Payment information】
     Account name: Bodhi Bakery
     Bank code: 216
     Account number: 020-001-000-203-15
     (Please call us after you transmitting and inform the last 4 digits of your account)

    【Opening hours】7 days a week all year round, 0830-2230


    Address: No.1, Zhonghua Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:03-8312889‧03-8337818